Selwood Landmanagers Facilitation Group

The Selwood Forest Facilitation Group was established in late 2019 and is funded through the Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund. However, you do not need to be in a Countryside Stewardship Scheme to join the group.

SFFG is a growing network of farmers and landowners within the headwaters of the Brue, Somerset Frome & Dorset Stour Catchments. We work closely with the Forest of Selwood Partnership.

Members work collaboratively through group workshops, on-farm events, webinars and field trips, to share experience, learn about and implement environmental improvements.

The group is facilitated by FWAG SW and provides and will keep you informed of the latest environmental schemes and funding.

If you manage land within the approximate area shown below, come and join us!

Group Priorities

  • Priority Habitats: maintaining & restoring lowland meadow, ancient & native woodland, traditional orchards, wood pasture, parkland veteran trees & riparian habitats
  • Landscape: Hedgerows, hedgerow trees, in field trees, permanent grassland, wetlands
  • Priority Species: Lapwings, woodland Birds, Butterflies, bats, saproxylic invertebrates, saprotrophic and mycorrhizal fungi, lichen
  • Historic Environment: Forest of Selwood mosaic landscape of priority habitats including meadow, hedges wood pasture & woodland
  • Water Quality: The Brue, Stour & Somerset Frome all fail WFD due to phosphate & sediment, need for improved soil management and farm infrastructure, tackling run off and erosion.
  • Reduce Flood Risk through Natural Flood Management approaches


Some recent and future events: –

  • Rewilding and Regenerative Farming at Ken Hill Estate, Norfolk (webinar)
  • Farmland Birds (farm walk)
  • Creating and managing ponds for wildlife (farm walk)
  • Water Environment work in the Selwood Forest Catchments (webinar)
  • Grassland Regeneration, Sward Improvement & Wildflowers (farm walk)
  • Wood Pasture & Managing Veteran Trees (farm walk)
  • Tree Diseases (farm-based meeting & walk)
  • Soil Management (farm visit)

To join the Selwood Forest Facilitation Group, or for further information contact: –

FWAG SouthWest
Hawkridge House
Summerfield Way
Chelston Business Park
Somerset TA21 9JE

Phone 01823 660684